We can do this for you at a relatively low cost payroll processing, due to our experience in this area, Wee use a payroll system that processes payrolls for over 100 clients each month, this task becomes more important as HMRC keeps increasing the penalty regime each year.Our aim is to provide a professional high quality payroll and auto enrollment service, we deal with organisations with a wide range of complexity.

Please note :

• We do not charge for setting up a payroll.
• We can run payrolls weekly, monthly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly whichever you require.
• We set fixed fees for payroll work so you will never have a nasty shock with our charges.
• We ensure confidentially is maintained with personnel information etc.
• You will provide payslips , and advise you what to pay to HMRC.
• We will submit returns including year end ones to HMRC.

You will find that the cost is lower for us to provide the system for you than it would for you to do it yourself, and you would have a lot less headaches.Whilst we are not financial advisers we can help with the implementation of auto enrolment pensions. You may find more information on auto enrolment on the following site.

If you have any questions please contact us call 0114 2880775 or email us on info@firstaccountancy.com